Creative Care



Who I work with...

I work with a variety of courageous creatives,

individuals + community groups,

who are ready to seed change,

cultivate their life and flourish...

Creativity takes courage, Courage is contagious!

My approach...

My approach is a little different to others...  

Transpersonal: is client centred + strength based.

 It unites emotional, spiritual, physical, social,

creative + intellectual needs,

with strategic aspects of achieving wellbeing.

Nature: reduces stress hormones.

It has the ability to awaken, empower, heal + transform.

It gives new perspectives to our own seasons + cycles of life.

Creativity:  creative expression is a part of holistic wellbeing.

 I use classical client-centred counselling with transformative art processes, 

It combines the nurturing of nature with the courage of creativity.


Creative Care is Self Care...


So why Creative Art Therapy, Nature + Creativity?

There is a science behind Eco-Arts Therapy! Research studies have shown engaging in both Nature + creativity stimulates the parts of the brain that increases Dopamine & Serotonin, the feel-good chemicals which enhance our sense of wellbeing…

Creative Visualisation..

If you cant visualise it,

how can you create it?

Visualising the life you want is the first step to creating it..

Eco Art


Nature is receptive, Eco-art is diversional, both absorb the mind

in the creative process.

It's in the moment!

Transpersonal Approach...

   is a holistic approach...

= mind, body + spirit.

viewing life + life experiences

as part of the deeper process.


Your Inner Nature...

Nature lowers stress response, blood pressure and heart rate.

It reduces stress hormones

+ adrenaline.





'Nature play is child's play'..



Creative Care


Soul Hearted CREATIVE Expression
for women to create community...
It's never too late, to CREATE..
     Group facilitation in Aged Care,
Mental Health + Community...
 Sacred Creative Circle for Women

Work with me + 

together we can co-create...

Art Therapy and/or Nature Therapy



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