When we reflect on our place in the cycle of life, in the cycle of creation of which we are an integral part, we learn that

the cycles + seasons of our existence each have a valuable part to play in our creative development...








Crafting through the

Seasons, takes us on a journey

of mind, body + soul

to awaken our

Creative Self.

crafting your Soul

begins here...

Within every woman lies the seasons,

the female Archetype in all her forms

Spring – Maiden

Summer – Mother

Autumn – Wise Woman

Winter – Crone

She is all that is sacred within us...



Nestled in the knowing, that we are all creative

the  Seasonal Archetypes 

serve  as a compass for women,

together with other Aspects/Archetypes

that lie within each season’s transitioning months…

and that which lie within each woman..

Embrace all seasonal aspects of Self


Throughout the seasons of time,

women have gathered in circle to sacredly create.

From collecting healing herbs for medicine

or cooking soul food for family

Dancing in ceremony or making  remedies + rituals

Beading native seeds for adornment

or weaving stories into the fabric of life…

This is ‘sacred womens business’…

Embrace your unique abilities

to  create  your own journey through the seasons.

With  support + understanding

we can all discover our creative Self.


Your Inner Nature is calling to you

for more play, more connections, more nurturing

+ more creative time..


If you are here, you have listened...


Nurture that deep still place within, that is Nature…


Nature will nurture you, she will embrace you

+ she will gently guide you on your path

to experience life through all of your senses + seasons.


Experience the power of women

gathering in circle


Gathering together in circle

is the power of women

coming together

 creating a space 

 for connection, community + creativity.

It is a forgotten art in our modern society.

Gathering in circle is a rite of passage...

It protects each of us from isolation

which is all too present today.

It offers support + understanding,

creates deep connections to one another

+ weaves wisdom into our lives.

It is a safe space to express who we really are! 


"Creativity has the power to heal,

empower + transform.

         It awakens us to our inner wisdom

             + deep knowing,              

that deep still place within us that is Nature."

Learn to Explore:

  •   The new growth of Spring, fresh energies + new ideas both seeded + sprouting.

  •  Ideas flowering in fullness with the abundance of Summer energies.

  • In Autumn we harvest our efforts + store our wisdom.

  • The importance of Winter stillness, surrendering our energies for contemplation + reflection.

  •  Connections within the Seasonal Symbology of Nature.

  •   Embrace + embody your Seasonal Creative Self.

Nurture that deep still place within, that is Nature…

 Nurture Your Inner Nature





We are all born creative!
 Creativity is nurturing your imagination to visualise + create
 abundant possibilities...


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