A quaint collective of Jewellery trees, Wind trees, Paper trees & gift cards that are the quintessential ‘tree huggers’ gift!  Uniquely re-claimed from nature’s abundance, the collective is created from recycled timbers and papers!!  Each tree has the charm of nature’s variation and the uniqueness only achievable by handmade and handcrafting!

” We aim to focus on fair trade and ethical sustainability, whilst supporting both        culture and community throughout our business”

My Qui collection of Jewellery trees, both organise & enhance your jewellery & accessories, whilst the Wind trees & Paper-bunting trees add a touch of whimsy to your creative space. The “Out of the Woods” collection is available seasonally with one-off creations & limited editions of restyled handicrafts… Contributing to the sustainability of Hand Made, Home Made & small Fair trade industries.

I hope you find something you like,  J‘ Qui.

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